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Our Players

Virág Nagy

Age: 21 years
Position: wing midfielder, wing defender
Current Club: US Sassuolo Calcio


Viktor Csörgő

Age: 20 years
Post: Central back
Current club: Gyirmót FC Győr


Sára Pusztai

Age: 20 years
Position: attacking midfielder
Current Club: Ferencvárosi TC


Anna Terestyényi

Age: 21 years
Position: Goalkeeper
Current club: MOL Fehérvár FC


Péter Kalocsány

Age: 17 years
Position: Center midfielder
Current club: Budapest Honvéd MFA


Krisztián Raul Tóth

Age: 16 years
Position: Goalkeeper
Current club: Budapest Honvéd FC


Hunor Albert

Age: 20 years
Position: goalkeeper
Current club: FK Csíkszereda

Milán Adorján

Age: 19 years
Position: defender, midfielder
Current Club: Ferencvárosi TC


Szilvia Nagy

Age: 18 years
Position: inner defender
Current club: Újpest FC


Alex Burzi

Age: 20 years
Position: striker
Current Club: Újpest FC


Gergő Fullajtár-Horváth

Age: 17 years
Post: Attacking midfielder
Current club: Vasas Kubala Akadémia


Anna Samu

Age: 24 years
Position: Goalkeeper
Current club:


László Dániel Molnár

Age: 22 years
Position: Goalkeeper
Current club: Dunaújváros


Zsombor Héjjas

Age: 20 years
Position: midfielder
Current club: Bánk-Dalnoki Labdarúgó Akadémia


Zoltán Ihos

He started his football career in Százhalombatta, then he went to soccer high school to Vác.
Matches in National championship: 250.

He has a professional qualification of coaching.
(University Of Physical Education 1992-1996 )
20 years of business experience in the financial market in insurance, banking and investment.
The founder and CEO of Investiz Gazdasági Tanácsadó Zrt.

Máté Smohai

In 2010 I graduated as a psychologist, and by 2013 I became a sports psychologist. Despite my past as basketball player (Junior Team NB1/B player), the first athlete who I worked with first time of my life was a football player. Since then, players from many sports have been working with me to get the games out of their hands and get what they can. That’s why I became a sports psychologist to be an expert in this obvious but not so simple topic, and that I could help those who want to move forward.

Dr. Péter László

Dr. Péter László, lawyer, married and father of two sons. From early childhood to sports, football plays a decisive role in his life. Following a primary school in sport, he spent his high school years in a sports school in Vaci Madách Imre Gymnasium, as well as the members of the company, and after his successful graduation and admission he attended the ELTE Faculty of Law. He continued, 1998 where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Summa-A-laude as a scholarship for a full school year abroad. Solution-oriented, his perception focuses always on the principles of humanity, fairness, transparency. Its legal advisers include the sponsor’s representation in the negotiation of that athlete. He works in English and Italian law.




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